Age of origins

    Age of origins


    age of origins farm rental rules

    After placing an order, please contact the online customer service and provide the following information:,

    1. The name of the farm that needs to be modified, the alliance that needs to be joined, and the coordinates that need to be moved.

    2. The type of resources your castle needs, (food oil iron ore). We will collect resources according to your requirements.

    3. Do you need to enable the function of automatically opening the shield when attacked? If it is turned on, you need to contact the online customer service of the website to turn off this feature before you collect resources each time. If you don't need to enable this feature, then you can collect resources in the farm at any time, but there is a risk that the resources will be taken away by other players.

    4. As for rare earths, at present, only renewal customers are supported to purchase. Because it takes a long time to upgrade, rare earths can only be produced in the second month.

    5. Please scout whether there are any soldiers on the farm before attacking the farm, so as not to be unable to continue collecting resources after the soldiers on the farm are killed.

         Currently, we only support the rental of level 15 castles, because it takes time to upgrade the farm, and it will be upgraded to level 15 about 12 days after placing the order. Therefore, we will not calculate the time for renting the farm until the farm level reaches level 15. When the farm reaches level 15, we will contact you by email, and the time will be calculated after confirmation.

         Please collect the resources in the farm at least once a week, so as not to be robbed by other players due to too many resources.

         The minimum amount of resources collected in the month is about $200. 

         When the time of renting the farm is approaching 30 days, we will notify you by email within 3 days before the end, and confirm with you whether to renew the fee. After the renewal, the time will be extended by 30 days in time. If you do not renew, please be sure to clear the resources in the farm on the last day, and we will leave the current alliance and coordinates the day after the end.

    Buyer after-sale guarantee:

    1. Before castle level 15, you can apply for a refund at any time. We will return the money you paid to your payment account within 24 hours.

    2. After the castle is level 15, refunds are not possible in principle, but if there are special circumstances (non-buyer reasons), we will charge 30% of the order fee, and the remaining 70% will be returned to your payment account.

    3. If the customer's account is banned, downgraded, or emptied of resources because the customer purchases resources through other channels, the fee you paid cannot be refunded.