League of Kingdoms

    League of Kingdoms

    League of Kingdoms is an MMO Strategy game on the blockchain. On the genesis continent, all lands are NFTs and owned by users. You can own, play, and earn rewards by developing your own kingdoms. It will be a decentralized and self-sovereign economy shaped by users. Your strategy begins here!

    The standard and process of receiving free resources:

    1. The castle level from which you obtained resources is greater than level 22.

    2. Register as a member on the website (free)

    3. Each customer can only claim once

    The process of receiving resources:

    After the customer's purchase is completed, the customer needs to provide the online customer service with the coordinates of your location in the kingdom. We will move the castle to this coordinate within 15-20 minutes. You can obtain resources by attacking the castle we moved over. The number of castles will be based on The amount of resources you buy is incremented.