About Technology Center

What is a Technology Center?


The technology center is located in front of the main hall, and you can get various buff effects by advancing research.

It can be said that research is an indispensable element to clear the game, so let's proceed with research every day.

The effect of the technology center

There are 4 types of technology


There are four types of technology centers: "resources," "development," "city defense," and "military."

You can get a buff effect by advancing each research, and you can unlock more advanced technology by upgrading the building.

technologyBrief explanation
resourceBuff effect of resource production / collection, etc.
developmentBuff effect related to medical care, march system, construction
City defenseBuff effect related to defense and level up of defense tower
MilitaryBuff effect related to the number of combat and expeditionary units

How to proceed with research at the Technology Center and priorities

First of all, conduct research with the highest priority on development

At first, let's proceed with research from developmental architecture to technology research I.

In particular, architecture can increase the construction speed, so it is a high priority to raise the level of the main hall immediately.

Research resources up to Collection II


Resources are consumed when upgrading any building, so they tend to be in short supply from beginning to end.

In order to collect resources efficiently, we would like to proceed with research on resources up to Collection II.

Military research prioritizes conscription and recruitment


The military will prioritize recruitment and recruitment and proceed with research.

When raising the main hall level to 14, research on "technology explosion" is indispensable, so it can be said that research on technology explosion can be done according to main hall level 13.

Researching technology explosions requires a Technology Center level of 13, so I'd like to move forward when the Technology Center can be upgraded.

Urban defense research priority is low

image.pngYou will be able to study city defense after city level 10, and you will be able to level up your defense tower after that.

Urban defense research should be done when there is no more research in development, resources, or architecture.