13 things mir4 must do every day, this guide is very helpful for beginners!


    Hi everyone, 13 things mir4 must do every day, this guide is very helpful for beginners!

    1. When you start the game every day, you can click on the support faction in the upper left corner

    2. The rewards that can be received by signing in every day will be collected first

    3. Click the door opening faction skill to support 24 times.
    After receiving the martial arts currency, you can purchase the martial arts store to buy upgrade items

    4. Go to the store to buy daily gift packs I to III for a total of 60,000 copper coins

    5. To buy ordinary goods,
    Shenlong summoning materials 1, martial arts secrets summoning 1, spirit stone summoning 1

    6. Click on the horse mirror to watch 20 videos
    to exchange for 20 horse cards and 1 reward box

    7. Exchange 20 horse cards at the exchange office for
    1 daily item spirit summoning ticket, 1 martial arts secret summoning ticket, 1
    Shenlong material summoning ticket, and 3 vitality pills

    8. Use the leader crusade and crusade
    to obtain treasures, magic stones, equipment, materials, etc.

    9. Go to the Magic Cube 1, House of Experience III to
    activate the Vitality Pill,
    and click on the attack elixir of today's gift pack I to open the monster-killing upgrade.
    If you have experience bonus elves, you can install them together

    10. Go to Secret Garden Peak 1. Jump to the peak and dig if you
    have black iron. You can also collect or fight monsters without black iron.

    11. There will be 3 daily black iron quests,
    take 10 and complete 30 daily quests to get black iron

    12. After the automatic task is completed,
    go to the place where you can collect herbs, infuriating energy and mining for about 3 hours

    13. The rest of the time is basically spent on leveling up in the monster fighting area,
    or solving the main story and entrusting Romance tasks when there is time

    After that, the accumulated materials can be
    synthesized into advanced equipment, elves, internal skills, skills
    , etc., and you can have a certain level in the game.

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