In Puzzles & Survival, you need to do these tasks every day

    Introduce things to do every day, for as long as possible without charging.

    The system will reset at 0:00AM UTC and the Daily Quests and Events will begin. If you play the game at the right time, you can effectively level up and get free items.

    What you want to do daily

    Daily quest list

    Being dailyRecommendation level
    1.Recruiting heroes at the bar (5/5)★★★★★
    2.Answer the broadcaster's quiz★★★★★
    3.Champion battle at the Coliseum★★★★★
    Four.Supply at the supply station★★★ ☆☆
    Five.Deposit in the bank★★★★ ☆
    6.Travel Merchant (LV.12 ~)★★★★ ☆
    7. 7.Ruins (LV.10 ~)★★★★ ☆
    8. 8.Earth mining★★★★★
    9.Achievement of daily missions including ↑★★★★★
    Ten.Participation in various events★★★★ ☆

    1. 1. Recruiting heroes at the bar (free slot)

    Regular recruitment

    ☆ The number of free recruitment of 2-3 heroes
     is 5 times a day. AM9: 00 Reset One cooling time 10 minutes.
     After the free end, the free acquisition will be restored at 9:00 the next morning. 

    Intermediate recruitment  

    ☆ Recruitment of 2 ~ 4 heroes. Free times are 24h / time.
    In other words, once you get it for free, there will be a cooldown time of 24 hours from that point, so I would like to recruit again as soon as possible after updating.

    Advanced recruitment

    ☆ Recruitment of 3 ~ 5 heroes. The number of free times is 48h / time.
    In other words, once you get it for free, a 48h cooldown will occur from there, so like the intermediate level, you want to recruit again as soon as possible after updating.

    Even if it's free of charge, you can get 10 pieces of 5 pieces!

     * Since coins are not available in the free recruitment slot, there are 8 recruit coins, and it is unreasonable to put in the free portion and turn it 10 times.

    2. 2. Answer the broadcaster's quiz

     A quiz that answers the contents of the game, basic cooling time, 60 minutes.

     By participating, you can get boost items, resources, commander XP, etc.
     I definitely want to do it. You can get half the reward just by participating. 
     (List of questions and answers)

    3. 3. Survival battle at the Coliseum

    Survival battle (permanent event)

     Compete with other users with your own hero.
     It's hard to win at first, but if the country is new, you can basically play against player characters equivalent to your level depending on the ranking, so you should not be able to win. (Except when immigrating) However, the luck factor of chess is large. The items you can win or lose are the same, so you can cancel by hitting a strong opponent.

     Where you want to do 3 times + (2 additional times) 5 times in daily missions (Food is needed in 100 million units in the second half, so if you have extra diamonds, add 4 pieces that can be exchanged for × 50, and always I want to store food as an item.)

    4. Supply at the supply station 

     Depending on the supply level, the number of times resources can be received at the supply station increases.
     The number of free times is displayed in the upper right. 9:00 AM
    Free number of times depending on the reset supply station level   

    Supply station levelFree replenishment frequency
    Supply station level 01-05Five
    Supply station level 06-106
    Supply station level 11-157
    Supply station level 16-208
    Supply station level 21-259
    Supply station level 26Ten
    Supply station level 2711 11
    Supply station level 2812
    Supply station level 2913
    Supply station level 3014
    Supply station level 3115
    Supply station level 3216 16
    Supply station level 3317 17
    Supply station level 3418 18
    Supply station level 3519 19

    5. Deposit in the bank

    One-day deposits are available with a minimum charge

    Also, at the bank, if you deposit 1000-1500 diamonds for one day, it will increase by 7% (a privilege only for those who have made some charges). So, don't forget to deposit it, and after one day, take it down and save it again. If you repeat it, it will be 1500 → 1605 diamonds, so you can get 105 diamonds.
     There are other deposit interest rates, but there are no good conditions of 7% or more per day, so this is the option for the billing group.

    6. Travel Merchant (Control Center LV.12 ~)

     A travel merchant who randomly exchanges various items for resources and boost items and resources The update cooldown time is written as 4 hours, but I wonder if it's 3 hours.
     As a whole, the exchange rate is advantageous, so I would like to actively utilize it.
     It is also essential as a measure to prevent luggage from overflowing from the warehouse and being attacked by others. 

    7. ruins

     You can challenge the ruins. Reward by clearing the challenge.
     ☆ 4 Hero Elia ☆ 5 How to get Hero Eva. 

    8. Daily mission

     About daily missions

    Quests you don't have to do

    Of the daily missions, purchasing one of the supplies once (1/1) is a charge premise, so you can basically ignore it. If fine charges are possible, it is recommended to do it when there is an additional bonus.