Puzzle & Survival Efficient way to level up your commander

    It describes an efficient way to raise the commander level.

    An efficient way to raise the commander level

    Take advantage of destroyer events

     At the "Destroyer" event held on the weekend, you will not receive any damage, and you will receive EXP for the damage done to the destroyer.
     Use the TP skill "Large March" to increase the number of troops, or use the diamond shop "Army" item "Unit ATK Up 25%" to boost the damage and attack the destroyer to do as much damage as possible. ..

    Go to the zombie den in the guild

     Join the guild so that it doesn't interfere with the gathering of the top users. After that, pay attention to the upper limit of serum (even if it is a high level one, you can participate). will do. This is definitely the fastest way to grow.

    List of rank raising methods

    Don't be attacked ...

    You will be attacked as the level goes up! ??

     As the level goes up, so do the resources at hand. When resources exceed the warehouse capacity, they are subject to "looting". Why do other players plunder ... As the level goes up, the required materials increase astronomically, so production and collection can't keep up at all. The rule of thumb is not to put more resources than the warehouse .

    Store all resources as items

      Not only resource items, but also "selective promote supply" and "selective enhancement supply", which are the sources of modules and chips, are all saved as items. The reason is, of course, that you can open it when you need it, but if the key is to get items at an event, opening these items is likely to be an event point. As a result, resources and items can be obtained, and it is possible to accelerate the level up of buildings such as the control center.

    Consume items according to the event

     I understand that you want to get stronger quickly, but the most efficient way is to consume items according to the event.

      At the event, for example, you can get nano weapon materials, etc., but you can never clear it without preparation and without charge.
     For example, the royal road is to store nano weapon supply boxes, etc. until the event and use them at the time of the event. For hero enhancement, points will be given at the timing of exchanging ★ 4 ★ 5 hero choice etc. for hero fragments. The same is true for module chip enhancement. There is a long way to go to level up, so please refer to the event schedules on other pages and aim for an efficient level up.