Puzzle & Survival Strategy Hero Info


     Once you get used to it, it's strong against cheats! The number of soldiers has increased, and the dens and zombies are Umar.


     "The party is just around the corner!"
     Idy Grimm, a guitarist of the famous rock band, and a vocalist of the arranger of the cut vine.
     As a new generation of rock band, Broken Tendril, to which Idy belongs, has made many popular hit songs and has been expected by many people. However, Aidi, who is the central figure of the vine, is always selfish and has a lot of love affairs.

     "The party is just around the corner!"
     Arranger vocalist by ID Grimm, guitarist of the famous rock band, Broken Tendril.
     As a new generation of rock band, Idy's sword vine has made many popular hit songs and has been expected by many people. However, because Idy, who is the central figure of Broken Tendril, is always selfish and has a lot of love affairs, bad rumors about Broken Tendril have spread to the world. But true rock fans didn't care about rumors at all. Whatever the privacy of her idea, her music and live expressiveness moved everyone. After the zombie virus exploded, Idy's music became a source of power for everyone. She isn't familiar with weapons, but Aidi believes she can do it herself. So Idy accepts any live request.
     Idy thinks that life should bloom as beautifully as a flower. That's why Idy devotes his life to her music and fans. Idy's song was born in this demise world and colors the gray world, and like a never-ending party, she continues to impress people forever. 

    Hero Overview and Acquisition Routes

     Attribute: Internal affairs (careful type) Acquisition route:  Obtained
     at the event-Strengthen heroes, strengthening shelters, etc. *            Appears on the server (with Zephyros) that
              has passed 100 days or more in the Phoenix acquisition event (Reliable stacking is possible)  Necessity of billing: ★★★★ ☆ (Charging is required to obtain speedily

    Where to getbar☆ 5 Hero ChoiceAll-purpose debriseventSupplyLegendary Choice

    Corps skills and hero skills

    Corps skills

     Activated when IDy participates in battle
     * Tactical specials will be activated for all types of troops in the case of domestic heroes.

    Tactical special+100+120+150+200+300+500+500+500+500

    Corps skill (passive)

     Activated when you get an idea

    Resource collection speed+4+9+12+18+24+30+37.5+45+75
    After PM ☆ 6

    Gather unit ATK1216 162031.542.553+66.580113
    After PM ☆ 6

    Unit size upper limit1.2K2.4K3.2K4.8K6.4K8.0K10K12K18.7K
    After PM ☆ 6


    Unit is% (percent) / Unit size upper limit is number of people

    Hero skill (skill to activate in puzzle battle)

    • Mad Rock (Rage Speed: Normal) Paralyzes the target's nervous system and makes it impossible to recover Rage for 4 turns.

    • High Tune  Active Skill Enhancement: Recovers 22% of allies' HP.

    • Variation Active Skill Enhancement: Allies negate new debuffs for 2 turns.

    • Improvisation At the start of the battle, all "careful" allies recover 5% of their rage each turn.

    Recommended usage scene

     , Especially advantageous when there are few enemies. Also, in the second half of the game, the opponent's physical strength is large and it is easy to become a special move battle, so the skill that makes it impossible to recover the rage is strong in the cheat class.    
     In the latter half of Ultimate, it is also good if Poison Thunder is disabled, and since there is also
      a rage recovery skill for heroes of the same color, it is more effective in combination with heroes of the same color than participating alone.

    • Coliseum

    • Guild Trials and Offensive Operations "Frenzy" opponents (especially single)

    • Ultimate (When the hero is a single unit, the set with Mark is ◎)

    Compatibility with other heroes at the time of sortie

    A good hero

      Before activating Tom Tom
      increase Tom's attack power + 80% only (-25% cancel rate)

    • When used in combination with Mark's skill in Mark
      Ultimate and Guild Trials,
      the activation of Special Moves can be suppressed for several turns.

    • Rhodan (Enemy DEF down, if placed next to it, it will increase DEF by + 48%)

    Incompatible hero

    • nothing special

    Exclusive weapon

     None for now (appears soon !?)